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Because I am completely insane, I decided to apply to the Montreal International Music Competition of 2012. Even though it takes place at the end of May/beginning of June, when not only will Ben be away on tour but I will have about a 3-month-old baby to look after.

But hey, it’s my last chance (I’ll be too old next time), so why not?

Anyway, the first round of the competition is – as always – a recording. Which I made in mid-November, being unsure as to how being massively pregnant would affect my singing (not too much as it turns out, but how would I know?). And yesterday I got the final mixes of the raw tracks.

The rules of the competition state that you cannot edit your tracks (as in, no splicing, no partial retakes, etc) – that each track should be a faithful representation of your live performance. I don’t know how they would tell if you hadn’t complied, but as I am trying to be a more moral person in preparation for parenthood I followed the rules.

And you know, the tracks actually sound really good!

So here is (what I think is) the best: the big aria from Lulu. Right-click to download.

Lied der Lulu

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So the bed is in the middle of the living room, I can’t find my Hello Kitty bathrobe, and Madeline spent a good part of the day hiding by the washing machine.

That’s right – time for more home renovation!

We – and by we, I mean Ben and his dad, as I am apparently NOT ALLOWED to do anything more strenuous than push the cart at Home Depot – are putting in the new kitchen. Then taking out the old one and turning it into a bedroom. And incidentally repairing a rather badly water-damaged wall (miraculously there is no mold, though we’re treating it just to make sure) and a squirrel hole and various other surprises that old houses like to give you.

Anyway. Blogging may be more sporadic than usual and entirely conducted on the tablet, as the computer is blocked by a Les Mis-style barricade of stuff.

I will post pictures once there’s something more than debris to photograph and I figure out how to do so from the WordPress for Android app.

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The replacement power supply has arrived from Hong Kong, and it appears to more or less work!  So I have turned on the EEE once more and am using it.

Not that I have anything in particular to say, but it’s still nice.

I also got a little microphone for my Ipod (which also works), so I can more easily make bootlegs of electroacoustic music concerts record, um, completely uncopyrighted personal things.  Speaking of which – on Tuesday I’m making a Proper Studio Recording of the arias from I Puritani, and will post the results when I get them.

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…the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation came through, and we are going to be homeowners!

To do, in this order:

– Reorganize work schedule;
– Change phone and hydro address;
– Reserve moving truck;
– Arrange for home insurance;
– Decide what furniture to get rid of;
– Change dogs’ microchip addresses;
– Get new dog tags made;
– Figure out what repairs are needed and triage according to need;
– Pack;
– Move.

Then the real fun begins…I forsee this becoming a home reno blog very soon.

But on the whole, very good news, and very little to complain about!

Except I have a rash over the strawberry mark on my tailbone.  In the shape of Australia.  I think it’s from wearing jeans that are too big while biking.

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Today I did something I’ve been putting off for weeks.  I wrote the third of my opera libretti (librettos?  whatever), the one about Edith Sitwell.  Here’s a little excerpt, in the style of Facade:

Melancholy Inventory

The gilded bee
The satin sea
The black sun rising over me
The honeycomb
The marksman’s tomb
The exit from the morning’s womb
The sheep-like crowd
The laugh out loud
The silent weeping of the proud
Hand in hand
And wait in vain for the end –

The jewelled eye
The shapely thigh
The gaudy birds that wasted die
The distance between you and I
Why linger?  Why whisper?  Why cry?

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