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Hi, I don’t have anything in particular to say. Just that I am awesome and have done practically everything on my to-do list and it’s only 2:30!

My recipe for success:
– Get up at 6 with your baby
– Do the stuff you can do while he’s awake while he’s awake
– Take a nap
– Take him to the drop-in centre (if you don’t have a baby, these are government-funded centres where you can take your baby to play and interact with other babies; sort of like the off-leash dog park, but for babies) and tire him out
– During the long nap which follows, do everything else


For various reasons this is what Cecil sleeps in now

For various reasons this is what Cecil sleeps in now


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…the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation came through, and we are going to be homeowners!

To do, in this order:

– Reorganize work schedule;
– Change phone and hydro address;
– Reserve moving truck;
– Arrange for home insurance;
– Decide what furniture to get rid of;
– Change dogs’ microchip addresses;
– Get new dog tags made;
– Figure out what repairs are needed and triage according to need;
– Pack;
– Move.

Then the real fun begins…I forsee this becoming a home reno blog very soon.

But on the whole, very good news, and very little to complain about!

Except I have a rash over the strawberry mark on my tailbone.  In the shape of Australia.  I think it’s from wearing jeans that are too big while biking.

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