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So even though I missed a few days, my self-imposed challenge to blog every day for two weeks has been a success – between Sept. 16 and Sept. 30 I posted 14 times.

Best day for traffic was Sept. 21, when I published The View From the Council Chamber. New readers, however, soon realized that they could expect little in the way of political commentary and a lot in the way of knitting, dogs, self-centred musings about pregnancy, and other things of interest mainly to me and me alone, and so did not stick around.

Anyway, I fully intended to post yesterday and the day before, but Friday I was engaged on Important Adult Business and forgot, and yesterday I came rather dramatically down with a cold. Seriously, I was feverish, dizzy, seeing starbursts, and generally feeling very ill. If I had posted yesterday I imagine it would have been very Lovecraft-y and incoherent. Fortunately I followed my midwife’s advice – “If you feel unwell, see if it goes away after food, water, and rest; if not, call me” – and am much better. I still feel very scattered, though, as some siding for the refinished back room arrived and is currently taking up half the living room, and that plus two days of neglect have caused a sort of clutter explosion that I’m not up to dealing with yet. I find myself making detailed plans out loud about very basic things – “OK, I’ll put the sheets in the wash now and take them to the laundry to dry when the stock pot is on for dinner” – confusing Madeline a good deal.

But on the positive, my replacement DealExtreme tablet arrived on Friday, so at least I’ve been able to make snide blog comments while lying in bed with a fever.


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I know, I know, I haven’t written in FOREVER, but I have good reasons. Which I’m not revealing now. In a week or two I’ll be able to spill. Be patient!

But anyway. I am having one of those frustrating days. And it’s only 11:30!

Background: I accidentally killed my Ipod about a week ago. I won’t go into details or anything, because it’s sort of boring, but it was a last-ditch effort to save it. Unfortunately my Ipod surgery skills are not up to par, so while I fixed the original problem, I damaged the LCD screen beyond repair.

But it was pretty old and worn out anyway, so no big deal, right? I still have an old nano that works fine for listening to music and podcasts, and I have the new tablet (got it in May) for my portable email and web-browsing needs. I even got Netflix working on it and backed up all my food diary data. Problem solved!

Until yesterday.

When the battery on the tablet died. Stopped charging, stopped holding charge, completely crapped out.

This is apparently a common problem with this model (due to the wonderful quality control standards in cheap electronics factories in Shanghai), and while it’s still under warranty and I can get a replacement, it leaves me with a problem. I was using the tablet for my leisure web browsing, blogging (such as it is), tweeting, facebook, etc. The computer I’m using for everything else is the one we watch movies on.

It sits on top of a bookshelf which, though lowish, is too high for me to use while sitting on a chair.

So inadvertently I have aquired a standing desk.

Pictured: Not me or my standing desk.

And if I write anything online for the next several weeks (until the replacement tablet arrives), you can rest assured that I am standing up practicing excellent posture and flexing my calves. This is supposed to be really good for you, I am told. I expect my cardiovascular health to improve tremendously just because every time I want to argue with a troll on Manboobz I have to be vertical.

But so much for tweeting from the hammock!

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Have you ever read The Pillow Book? If not, I highly recommend it. It’s a collection of musings, lists, and anecdotes by Sei Shonagon, who was a noblewoman and lady-in-waiting to the Empress in 10th-century Japan. Yeah, it’s over a thousand years old.*

Like all ancient literature, some parts feel very remote, like they were written by an alien (there’s a part where she laments how unfair it is that some poor women have very nice hair – because they don’t deserve it), and some parts feel if not current, like something someone might say today (“Things that give a hot feeling: A fat person with a lot of hair”).

Quite a lot of the book consists of lists – the opening is probably the most famous:

In the spring it is the dawn that is most beautiful…In summer the nights…In autumn the evenings…In winter the early mornings.

So in the spirit of odd and somewhat pointless lists that give you a feeling of what our world is like, my list:

Things that give a hopeful feeling: July 23, 2010 Edition

1. Yes, due to a wet and hot spring the ragweed has started early. However, Aerius (which seems to work best for my allergies) has just lost patent protection in Canada – so generic Aerius is now available, and instead of paying $2/pill to not want to claw my sinuses out it’s down to about $0.60/pill. Yay!

2. Apparently the Ontario Independent Police Review Director (who knew we had one???) is going to investigate the massive fustercluck that was the police response to G20 protests. I don’t know if it’ll help or anything, but at least the semblance of democracy is being maintained.

3. I can’t find the link anymore, but I read a few weeks ago about an Ipad clone (running Android) that was, like, $200.  I can’t afford it now, of course, but maybe I’ll buy it for myself for Christmas.  Or maybe by then the faux Ipad market will have brought the price down to $20.

*And it reads very much like a blog. There is no overarching narrative or structure; but from a series of unconnected writings you get a picture of a person and the world she lives in.

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