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I’m back!  We spent the weekend at Ben’s parents’ place on Howe Island.  The dogs had a great time, we ate and drank a lot, went on a long boat ride and got totally burned to a crisp.  (Seriously, I think I’m going to get wrinkles about ten years earlier than I would otherwise.)

Madeline got another chance to practice swimming:

As did Gus:

That’s Morton the Golden Retriever in the water and Howie the super-cute little Jack Russell/Schnauzer/something else puppy frolicking with them after Gus gets out.

Complaining with Kay Literary Supplement coming right up…

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I don’t have time right now to produce any interesting content, but I ran across this unbelievable picture from when Gus was a puppy:

yes, hes fast asleep

yes, he's fast asleep

My brother-in-law just joined Facebook and posted this to his profile.

OK, better content coming later…just wanted to share this for now…

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As promised, here is a video representation of Madeline and Gus’ new trick.  Madeline actually kind of flubs her second try.  I should have edited that one out, but I don’t have any video editing software.

Yeah, I know I have headphones in my ears and that’s lame.  My Ipod appears to be permanently attached to my head.  No, I had been listening to a podcast; I turned it off when I was playing with the dogs but forgot to take the buds out of my ears and put it away.  Oh well.

But but but cute puppies!  Gus is surprisingly photogenic.  I think he has a career as a model ahead of him.  As long as he doesn’t have to move much.

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I had a dream last night that I was offered a part in an opera that paid $50,000 (!).  Then I got fired at the first rehearsal for looking too masculine (the part had some kind of cross-dressing angle) and I hung around, hoping my replacement would literally break her legs and they’d have to bring me back.

Hmm…I suppose I could write a farcical story about it, but the demon baby story from last night has made me more cautious about turning my dreams into fiction.  At any rate, I’d like to introduce a friend of mine:


Madeline as an extremely adorable little puppy

Madeline as an extremely adorable little puppy


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