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As I know you are all consumed with curiousity as to why I have been light on the blogging and tweeting and podcasting lately, why I have been living the life of a tuberculosis patient in a sanitorium in the Swiss Alps, why I have been mostly hanging out at home and doing very little, I have decided to Tell All. About two weeks earlier than I meant to, but oh well.

The big secret: I am pregnant.

I think it looks a bit like a teddy bear!

I was intending to wait until 12 weeks to go fully public about it (though lots of people know already, since I had to tell anyone working on a project with me, and Ben told a bunch of his friends already), but it’s 10 weeks now and the ultrasound shows 4 legs, a heartbeat, and a head, so I figure it’s OK to spill.

This is rather an all-consuming thing, as you can imagine if you’ve never done it yourself, so you can see why I wasn’t eager to blog when the number 1 thing on my mind was off-limits. Also early pregnancy feels a bit like a mild hangover plus terrible PMS. I was lucky and didn’t have any vomiting, but I felt absolutely drained all the time until quite recently. I’m still taking it easy, partly because it’s A MILLION DEGREES outside and about 500,000 in here, partly this is pretty much the last downtime I’ll get before the kid hits junior kindergarten.

Anyway, as a pregnant lady who writes stuff on the internet, this is my pledge to you:

– I will not live-tweet giving birth.
– After the baby is born, I will not write anything about poo, unless it’s really funny.
– I will keep ultrasound pictures to a minimum.
– I will not replace my avatar with an ultrasound.
– I will not start writing in baby talk.
– I will not regale you with the gory details of my symptoms or medical visits. Unless, of course, it’s really funny.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go knit a squid hat.


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Another incentive to come to the show on Friday: Among the merchandise for sale will be squid hats with built-in tentacle-scarves, or tentascarves. Available in Medium (my head), Large, (Ben’s head), and Bigfoot – OK, Extra-Large (the head of a dear friend of mine who plays the viola).

Custom squid hat orders will be taken – just send the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows and $20 to my Paypal account. Testimonials will follow.

I believe there may be some kind of “Haikus for Cthulhu” contest announced soon – I will announce details as they arise.

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