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So a few days ago Cecil had his 1st birthday. Yes, that’s right, he has managed to survive his first year on this planet, and while I don’t think he had any great epiphanies about what he wants to do with his life just yet, I think I can confidently say he has had his best year so far. Also he got his first cupcake and was all WHAT IS THIS AND WHY HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING IT FROM ME.

We had a little party for him this weekend. It ended up being about 20 adults and 5 children (aged 9 months-8 years), not including ourselves, crammed in this little house. Cecil had a blast. Madeline was in heaven, except for the part where she got so over-excited we had to lock her in the basement for an hour, and Gus tolerated the whole affair.


…I wish I had some profound or witty observation on my first year of motherhood to add, but I don’t. It’s been a year. Parts of it have been amazing. Parts of it have been awful. Parts have been unforgettable, and other parts very dull. But overall it’s been great. And I expect this next year to be even better.


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It passed unnoticed.  I forgot entirely.  It was on July 27, 2008 that I started this blog.  I’m not going to go all sentimental and write “What I’ve learned from blogging” or anything like that, but I thought I should note it nevertheless.

So I will invent a self-indulgent blog meme.

Search the following words on your blog:
– plural
– pride
– goo
– basset hound
– excellent

Pick one random sentence from one of the posts dredged up by the keywords, and link it back to the original post.

Then you should tag people, but I probably won’t do that.

Here we go:


…when you try a creepy line on a woman and she turns you down, it isn’t necessarily because she’s a cold-hearted bitch… (link)


He doesn’t understand birthdays, of course, and has celebrated his mainly by sleeping through it… (link)


…taking peoples’ booze away in this situation is just asking for revolution… (link)

Basset Hound:

Tags which actively decrease blog traffic: aww, criticism, jesus, lazy, meta, opera –
market research is *EVERYTHING*. (link)


…if they do strike…moonshine may be the only way…(link)

OK, enough, enough.  If anyone is still reading this, let me be mushy for a moment and thank you for allowing me to become part of your brain for just a little while.  It’s been fun.  Not that I’m stopping or anything – I plan on continuing to blog until telepathy evolves.


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