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1:45 PM – Get on bicycle to go to teach. Notice it’s snowing a bit. Considering taking bike on subway to first lesson. Realize I have no money and no time to go take any out. Shrug, get on my bike, go.

2:10 PM – About halfway to my first lesson, snow suddenly gets much heavier and it’s windy. Curse my fate and continue.

2:15 – Bike gears stop working, so am stuck in 3X6 going uphill.

2:15-2:45 Continue to curse my fate.

2:50 Arrive at first lesson five minutes late, very hungry, and completely exhausted.

5:10 – Manage to grab bagel in between lessons.

8:40 – Finish teaching. Bike towards Tranzac for PRO gig.

9:10 – Eat massive falafel.

10 – PRO gig for a small but appreciative audience. Have great time.

1 AM – Ben and I get a ride home from my friend Chris Warren. Bikes are stuffed in the back seat, Ben and I are stuffed in the front seat.

1:30 AM – Get home, realize we’re both starving, make some food.

2 AM – Madeline decides that since we’re up, it must be daytime, and starts howling at Gus to wake him up.

2:01 AM – I calm Madeline down by throwing a blanket over her and speaking in soothing tones.

2:30 – Bedtime.

10 AM (today) – Wake up and contemplate the future.


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