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As you know if you read my last post, I just made a quilt for my sister for her wedding.

Have you ever made a quilt?

I’m guessing no, because it’s not exactly a universal experience, but if you have you have my sympathy. If you have not and you are thinking, “Well, what the eff is she complaining about?” you can just shut your bloody mouth.

You know why? Here’s why:


And you should care because making a double wedding ring quilt is hard.  Or if not “splitting-the-atom” hard, it is “making really nice mitred corners on crown moulding” hard.  If you ever run across instructions for something that include the phrase “Make 98 arcs” you know you’ve come across something tricky.

Of course, I made the quilt because a) I thought my sister would like it and b) I really like making things.  But Christ on a cracker it did take a lot of time.

Each square of this quilt took about 2 hours to piece, not counting cutting time.  Once the whole top was pieced, it took a few hours to baste the top to the other layers, then about 2 hours per square (again) to hand quilt the layers together.  There were 20 squares.  (20 squares x 2 x 2) + several other hours = This quilt took at least 100 hours of labour to make.  So now you know why I blogged so little in July and August – because every spare minute that wasn’t engaged in practicing or sneezing 97 times in a row (RAGWEEEEEEEEED!) was taken up by quilting.  Also, think of what a labour of love it was.  If I were to sell it and pay myself my normal hourly rate I could not have found a buyer for it, it would cost so much.

Fortunately this was a gift for my only sister on the occasion of her wedding, so she could hardly say no.*  And I’m happy to have made it for her.  When/if my brother-in-law gets married I will make a quilt for him, because I do really enjoy making things, and it’s a nice thing to do for your immediate family members.  But if you want me to make you one, it’s going to cost you at least $3000.  And you will have to put up with severely limited blogging in the interim.


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