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– Buy brake pads and install them
– Take newly stoppable bike to Chinatown, buy vegetables
– Get some flowers, plant them in front planter
– Wash sheets
– Clean the dogs’ ears (this has to be done bi-weekly or so to all long-eared dogs, a bit more frequently for Gus. Yes, it’s kind of gross. No, they don’t like it.)
– Try to figure out what the other opera companies are doing next January to pick new date for Call of Cthulhu
– Podcast
– Plug mousehole (again)
– Buy mousetraps

I know, I know, I’m aware of the irony of being a vegan and killing mice, but dammit I have to deal with this kitchen for another month or so and I can’t properly repair the mousehole until all the cabinets are ripped out and I just can’t take the furry little disease-spreading bastards anymore.

BTW, is there some kind of mouse population explosion going on? I had to go to three stores to find mousetraps, and even then I got the last package.

Anyway. I’m about 1/4 of the way through.


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In this episode:

– Update on dental stuff
– I had a brainwave: TELETHON!
– I’m planning on getting a ukulele because they’re really cheap.
– Call of Cthulhu: The Puppet Opera!
– If space/time are truly infinite, then there is a universe exactly like ours with only one thing different
– apologies to RW relatives: i love you but GWB was a terrible, terrible president
– if it had gone the other way it would be a different world
– I remember at the time thinking: well, everything will probably be OK
because everything usually is, and I was young, stupid, and optimistic
– and of course everything has not been OK
– but the thing is, the next morning, everything was the same
– it was a slow catastrophe
– kind of like my teeth: nothing bad happened all at once, but gradually things added up and I need to fix it
– not as bad as it could be; things aren’t so bad they can’t be fixed – yet
– so let’s fix them, OK?

Clean your house in 20 minutes a day/30 days!


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1. Complaining with Kay, Episode 62: Special guest complaint half hour!

62: Special guest complaint half hour.

Michael Hardner complains about how Canadians view our healthcare system. Morgan Riley and I provide backchat and questions.  Lots of yelling with some constructive criticism.

Links of great interest:

The Lenihan (not Linehan) paper mentioned

And, of course, the podcast.

2. The 48: Prelude and Fugue in A Minor.

I did it!  I finally did it!

This week: The Impossible Six Bars. There is no way this was written for a harpsichord or any keyboard instrument that doesn’t involve feet.


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Editor’s note: Oops, looks like I forgot to make a post for the podcast…that came out on Monday. Sorry!

60: Stir-crazy.

– You know how people used to think fiction was bad for you? Maybe fiction is bad for you.
– I tried to keep telling myself “This is actually good! You don’t have to bullshit!”
– For some reason whenever there’s a deadline, that’s when your printer suddenly decides that it won’t print in black anymore.
– And I actually wrote that in my notes, with about 87 A’s.
– I think I need to read up on Rimbaud or get really blitzed on absinthe in order to understand it.
– If you’re an expert on Rimbaud: kaythecomplainer@gmail.com
– I’m running around like I’m trying to stop a submarine from exploding!


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*Warning: Lots of swearing in this one*

– Hello!  I’m back!
– No excuse or anything, just feeling mutinous etc
– No big topic today, just me bitching
– fucking weather
– fucking stomach flu (or whatever it was)
– fucking falling from my fucking bike


– anyway, on a positive note: Doctor Who

BONUS: Every Second Counts


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*Warning: NSFW*

My take on Julian Assange et al.

If you’re looking for that email, kaythecomplainer@gmail.com.


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Amateur punditry AND amateur biology!


OH AND listen to the new Bach podcast is here.  And subscribe to the feed here.

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