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Since writing that last gloomy and negative blog post I have been thinking and talking about it a lot. And I’ve come to a not-all-that surprising conclusion:

I have to stop trying to Nice Guy* my way into a career. Because that is what I’ve been doing. I have been hanging around post-rejection saying “No, it’s totally OK! Let’s just be friends!” when I don’t want to be friends at all.

And while this analogy is not perfect, as opera does not have feelings to be hurt or boundaries to be respected, I do; so I am going to follow the advice given to Nice Guys. Which is: respect the “No” and go find someone else. Or in my case, an art form that I can actually participate in.

So hey! Welcome me back, Indie Opera! I am working on more Fallen Voices – working on them slowly because my time is pretty limited, but I am giving myself lots of time and will get there!

And just like that Nice Guy, I won’t say no if the Canadian Opera Company offers me a role, but I’m not going to audition and network and follow opera around with sheep’s eyes. Because as crazy-making as producing can be, at least you’re getting something done.

Anyway. TL/DR, I am back to doing what I was theoretically doing before, only without also doing a zillion auditions and hoping against hope for Someone Important to take an interest in me and give me a career. And I feel much, much better about it, to the point that I actually want to go out and see stuff and am not consumed with jealousy at the thought of someone else doing cool stuff I wish I could do.

*A Nice Guy: a man who befriends women he wants to sleep with because for whatever reason he lacks the confidence to ask them out. When the women hook up with someone else they feel betrayed and incensed, because he’s a Nice Guy! Why do girls only want to date assholes?

NB: Thanks to Marc G for the encouragement 🙂


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This past Monday my collaborator Suzanne Kilgore and I re-wrote the libretto for “Call of Cthulhu: The Opera” (hopefully coming to the Toronto Fringe and/or Summerworks Festival, 2011).

Act 3, of course, takes place on board a disreputable semi-pirate ship in the south seas.  We felt the evil Sea Captain was starting to sound too PG Wodehouse-y, so the following line ended up being included:

Sea Captain: Put me in a halo and call me Mary!

That, of course, is not genuine sailor slang.

Here’s some genuine sailor slang:

WHIPJACK, a sham shipwrecked sailor, also called a TURNPIKE SAILOR.

BOOM-PASSENGER, a convict on board ship.

LAND-SHARK, a sailor’s definition of a lawyer.

JACK NASTY-FACE, a sailor.

SKATES-LURK, a begging impostor dressed as a sailor.


TRUCK-GUTTED, pot-bellied or corpulent.

YARMOUTH MITTENS, bruised hands.

SKY-SCRAPER, a tall man.

SCOTCH COFFEE, biscuits toasted and boiled in water.  (Editor’s note: EW!)

OH BE JOYFUL, a bottle of rum.

Source: John Camden Hotten’s  1864 masterpiece “The Slang Dictionary”, readable on Google Books.

I’m going to go sling the hatchet with an Oh Be Joyful.  Let’s hope no one gives me a pair of Yarmouth mittens, because then I’d have to hire a land-shark and he’s take all my money so I’d end up drinking Scotch Coffee and going about as a skates-lurk.

(I don’t know if any of this is useful in Call of Cthulhu, but it’s still awesome.)

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So, as my fabulousness increases logorithmically each day, I am constantly finding new outlets for my seemingly inexhaustible creativity.

Or something like that.  Maybe it’s more like, “I keep finding new ways to futz around with fun projects”, but keeping in with the idea of marketing oneself with extreme arrogance the first version will stand.  Anyway.

More stuff I’m doing:

– Are you extremely rich?  Then come to Powerball 2010, where you can hear me sing Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely”as a coloratura opera aria in Italian, and the fabulous Suzanne Kilgore sing the same in German in the style of Wagner.  This is a project with performance artist Derek Liddington, who’s also doing something similar for Nuit Blanche, except with Bruce Springsteen songs.  And as I am the one tasked with adapting the song into arias, I can tell you that the Orbison is much easier, since its note:word ratio is much lower that Springsteen’s, if not actually reversed.

– The same Ms. Kilgore and myself are co-writing “Call of Cthulhu: The Opera” and I am going to play Cthulhu.  Because coloratura is SUPPOSED to be scary, and while I enjoy playing fragile young girls with mental health issues, the occasional role as an evil deity intent on eating the world is a nice change.  Look for it summer of 2011.  Oh, and it will feature an all-female cast.

And, of course, Fallen Voices: 3 operas for 2 people is a go for September of this year.

So until I am discovered by the Met and made super-famous, I have a few things to keep me busy.  Speaking of “being discovered by the Met”, the recording session went very well last night, and I will hopefully have something to post by the end of the week.

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You may have noticed – if you cared – that I have not been posting at Plan C lately. I had only just gotten started at it when Plan A (“Become famous opera star”) suddenly, and without my doing anything really, came to life again.

Well, now that those projects are over I’m back out in the outer darkness where there is some very tuneful wailing and, if there is gnashing of teeth, we are sure to wear our Doctor’s NightGuardsTM, and once again I am faced with choices about what to do with the rest of my life.

So do I, after a taste of success, go back to Plan A and devote myself to auditioning, practicing, coaching, and generally increasing my fabulousness until I burst onto the international scene? Or do I resume work on Plan C and make my own superstardom?

I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days, and the answer is: Both.


There is absolutely no reason why I can’t be both a superfamous opera singer and an independent self-producing artist.

In fact the two plans might help each other. I learned a lot as a singer and an actor from both of the productions I was just in, which will make me perform better in the opera project I’m doing this fall. Just like I learned other valuable things about singing from the work I’ve done with the PRO, things that I could (and did) apply to my classical singing to make it more emotional and expressive.

Since I still have to work to earn my living, this means working a hell of a lot, at least for the near future, but that’s OK. Now I am off to buy finger puppets for the Tammy Faye opera.

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I have an audition this afternoon so will be brief.

New on Plan C, my musings about being (musically speaking) a small proto-mammal instead of a T-Rex.

And something I didn’t write. I’m a big fan of David Neiwert’s writing, a journalist/blogger/author who covers mainly the American far right and the militia movement. Some time ago on his personal blog Orcinus, Neiwert did a series thoroughly eviscerating Jonah Goldberg’s bizarre and irresponsible excuse for a book, Liberal Fascism. Well, Jonah Goldberg is back in the news cycle, due to Glenn Beck’s latest documentary about how Obama is the bogeyman who will send you not just to the gas chamber but to Siberia, because he’s a liberal-fascist-commie-hippie-baby murderer. Or something.

(Re-reading that sentence, it occurs to me that it doesn’t actually explain why that would bring Goldberg’s book back to the public eye. Apparently Liberal Fascism is Beck’s inspiration, manual, and bible rolled into one, and Goldberg has been a frequent guest on Beck’s show. I hope that’s clearer.)

So Neiwert organized a symposium on the History News Network, where actual scholars* of fascism and the radical right ALSO eviscerate Liberal Fascism. It’s a fantastic read if you’re a nerd and enjoy some good scholarly ass-whipping. Start here and read in order.

* Except for Michael Ledeen – I don’t think he counts as a scholar, being mostly a journalist/polemicist these days. Poor Michael Ledeen. WTF is HE doing on this list? His article reads to me like he’s reluctantly defending a friend who’s done something unbelievably embarrassing.

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On Plan C: I bitch about TVO.


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New post on Plan C!

I’m not cross-posting, I’m helpfully pointing you towards the post on Plan C about what to put in a recording I’m thinking of making.  Go over and give me your opinion.

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