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So while it was beautifully, gloriously warm yesterday – that is, it got above 0oC – today the temperature plummetted and the wind picked up and god was it bad outside. Aaaaaaaaand of course I had to take my bike out to work.

I biked to my first lesson (because I had to drop something off on the way), biked between lessons, then took the subway home. Because it was cryogenic corpse freezer cold out there and I’d already burned more calories than I’d eaten that day and Ben had nicked my rear light. Take my advice, folks – don’t be a hero when it’s so cold your brakes freeze.

Anyway, at some point between getting into the subway and getting within three stops of my house I lost a glove. I must have made a face (or said something out loud – probably something obscene), because this is what happened next:

Young mother in seat next to where I’m standing: Hey, did you lose a glove?

Me: Yeah, I must have dropped it in the station.

YM: You can have these. [hands me a pair of stretchy black gloves] I have an extra pair, I don’t need them.

Me: Are you sure?

YM: Yeah, go ahead.

Me: Thanks!

So thank you, random lady with the four-year-old on the subway. I have never met you before and will probably never meet you again, but you saved a human life – or at least a human hand – tonight. Thank you for being a genuinely nice person. And in case you *are* reading this, your little boy is super cute and very well-behaved.

I will put the gloves you gave me in my bike bag and give them to the next person I run into who needs them.

The second Google Images result for "karma glove"

Oh, completely OT, my last lesson of the evening was cancelled because the THIRTEEN YEAR OLD CHILD in question is seeing Bon Jovi today. Seriously! Bon Jovi! Do you know, the first boy I ever went out with (when I was 13) wanted to take me to a Bon Jovi concert? I went on one date with him – to see The Lion King – went swimming at his house once, then spent the rest of the summer making thinner and thinner excuses for why I couldn’t go out with him again. (“My aunt is visiting! I have the flu! My best friend broke her ankle and I have to babysit her little brother for her!”) He was a perfectly nice boy and everything, but I was saving myself for David Duchovny. In the fall we went to different high schools and never spoke again.

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