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So even though I missed a few days, my self-imposed challenge to blog every day for two weeks has been a success – between Sept. 16 and Sept. 30 I posted 14 times.

Best day for traffic was Sept. 21, when I published The View From the Council Chamber. New readers, however, soon realized that they could expect little in the way of political commentary and a lot in the way of knitting, dogs, self-centred musings about pregnancy, and other things of interest mainly to me and me alone, and so did not stick around.

Anyway, I fully intended to post yesterday and the day before, but Friday I was engaged on Important Adult Business and forgot, and yesterday I came rather dramatically down with a cold. Seriously, I was feverish, dizzy, seeing starbursts, and generally feeling very ill. If I had posted yesterday I imagine it would have been very Lovecraft-y and incoherent. Fortunately I followed my midwife’s advice – “If you feel unwell, see if it goes away after food, water, and rest; if not, call me” – and am much better. I still feel very scattered, though, as some siding for the refinished back room arrived and is currently taking up half the living room, and that plus two days of neglect have caused a sort of clutter explosion that I’m not up to dealing with yet. I find myself making detailed plans out loud about very basic things – “OK, I’ll put the sheets in the wash now and take them to the laundry to dry when the stock pot is on for dinner” – confusing Madeline a good deal.

But on the positive, my replacement DealExtreme tablet arrived on Friday, so at least I’ve been able to make snide blog comments while lying in bed with a fever.


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Just so you know I’m alive, that’s why I’m writing. From my Ipod, no less.

You know, when I was about 18 I joined a gym. (Bear with me, there is a point.). Like all 18-year-olds, I thought I needed to lose ~ 10 pounds, though in fact I was then ~ 10 pounds thinner than I am now, and I’m in pretty damn good shape now. But anyway, I joined a gym. When you join a gym, or when you joined a gym in the late 90’s, you are/were read a list of disclaimers when you sign up.

One of the things I was warned about lo those many years ago was “over-exercising”. Or “over-training”. Something like that. I was told that if I over did it and worked out TOO much I would start to feel dopey and tired all the time.

Well, it didn’t happen then, but I think it’s happening now. In the past three days I have spent five and a half hours on my bicycle. And I had Monday off because it was Canadian Thanksgiving. If I’d worked on Monday it would have been more than seven hours.

This is because I’ve moved across town but kept all my students from the old neighbourhood. So as well as biking between lessons I have 45-60 minutes of biking before I even start. Not that I’m complaining – I love all my students, of course, and work is work – but OW MY LEGS.

I assume I’ll adjust to it in time, but until then I’m being nice to myself, taking it pretty easy as long as I get all my practicing done. But I’m still alive. Just so you know.

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People, we need to increase the traffic around here.  It’s pathetic.  Since the “be really good and attract an audience through your writing, consistency of posting, and original thought” route is obviously off the table, I’m going to go with the “throw out a list of inflammatory statements and/or buzzwords and hope for the best”.

Come to think of it, I might as well throw them all out at once.  The flame war of all against all:

– Orly Taitz
– Anything about HIV (this can be from the “God is punishing teh gayz” or from the “HIV doesn’t exist/isn’t really a problem/was created by the Illuminati in a lab and is being spread via vaccines to control us all” angle – up to you)
– “My grandfather wasn’t a monkey!  Genesis IS Science!”
– Women are people and have the same rights to bodily integrity, personal self-determination, and respect as men do.  Discuss.
– Children NEED to be spanked.  Spare the rod, spoil the child.
– Male circumcision*: for or against?
– Anything about animal rights (OMG you bought a dog that is EXACTLY like buying a slave whaaagarrble)
– Grammar: kids today, wont use apostrophes!
– “Pat Buchanan isn’t a racist – OBAMA is the reeeeeeeaal racist!”**

Quality trolling only, please.

*UNBELIEVABLE flame bait.  I know this from personal experience.
**You think that’s a joke, but I believe Glenn Beck has said pretty much exactly that.

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It passed unnoticed.  I forgot entirely.  It was on July 27, 2008 that I started this blog.  I’m not going to go all sentimental and write “What I’ve learned from blogging” or anything like that, but I thought I should note it nevertheless.

So I will invent a self-indulgent blog meme.

Search the following words on your blog:
– plural
– pride
– goo
– basset hound
– excellent

Pick one random sentence from one of the posts dredged up by the keywords, and link it back to the original post.

Then you should tag people, but I probably won’t do that.

Here we go:


…when you try a creepy line on a woman and she turns you down, it isn’t necessarily because she’s a cold-hearted bitch… (link)


He doesn’t understand birthdays, of course, and has celebrated his mainly by sleeping through it… (link)


…taking peoples’ booze away in this situation is just asking for revolution… (link)

Basset Hound:

Tags which actively decrease blog traffic: aww, criticism, jesus, lazy, meta, opera –
market research is *EVERYTHING*. (link)


…if they do strike…moonshine may be the only way…(link)

OK, enough, enough.  If anyone is still reading this, let me be mushy for a moment and thank you for allowing me to become part of your brain for just a little while.  It’s been fun.  Not that I’m stopping or anything – I plan on continuing to blog until telepathy evolves.


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…does this depress you a little?

Note items 2 and 4 - and 3, come to think of it

Note items 2 and 4 - and 3, come to think of it

Now I have always loved me some lolcats.  And I know it’s Sunday and nothing ever happens on Sunday.  But WordPress is the biggest blog portal in the entire world (or at least the second biggest).  And two sites from the Cheezburger Empire are in the top four??????

This is a crime, and not just because serious things happen in the world all the time.  (I was going to link to a different bad thing with every word in that sentence, but I figured we all know that and I don’t want to bring anyone any more down than they are already.)  It’s also a crime because the loldogs have been slighted once again.

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I’m sick.  Yes, I survived the entire winter without a cold in spite of being sneezed at and coughed on by a wide cross-section of the juvenile population of Toronto, but the change in the weather from “bloody cold” to “not quite Antarctic” has laid me low.  So I’ve cancelled everything and will be spending the day in bed, taking Nyquil.

Nyquil.  During the day.

Try it sometime.  You won’t regret it.

Just another reason why I love the EEE.  I can stay in bed and STILL have as many loopy forum conversations as I like.

I know I should be doing some kind of work that you can do while supine, like writing an opera about Tammy Faye Baker, but I have a feeling that whatever I do will suffer greatly in quality.  Same with knitting – if I tried to make socks in this condition, they’d probably all look like the first one I made.  So I’m just going to stay here and make a nuisance of myself on other people’s blogs, and maybe watch some YouTube videos of foxes jumping on trampolines.

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This computer, a 2003 iMac which I inherited from my grandfather (well, no one else wanted it…), is starting to make ominous sounds and show signs of advanced age and senility.  For two days the only way I’ve been able to turn it off is to unplug it, which is, you’ll agree, not a good sign, and it has a tendency to freeze whenever I plug in my Ipod.  Its processor is too slow (!) to install Leopard; its hard drive is a measly 17 GB; it has sudden fits of the vapours when trying to play Flash videos with more than one programme running at a time; in short, it’s on its last legs.  I did enquire about its trade-in value at a Mac reseller…but it more or less doesn’t have one.  

But since I own both an Ipod Touch AND an EEE, I don’t really need a real computer.  (Though the amount of money the two of them cost could have bought a real computer…oh well…)  Once this computer loses it, I will go solo and survive on mobile internet devices alone.  And use Ben’s computer to update my website.

So.  New Year’s Day.  I went to a lovely party last night.  There was both a heated argument and some drunken vomiting, but as I was involved in neither, I consider the party a success.  I wore an awesome vaguely superhero-ish outfit.  I will post pictures if any surface and I consider them worthy of your consideration.  I woke up tired but not hungover, which is much better than the last three New Years:


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