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Bassets in the country:

Gus and my mom

Madeline, sad because no one will play with her

I know it doesn’t LOOK very country-esque…Today I’ll take them to the big park near here and you can see them attempt to interact with Canada Geese.

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I’m not responsible for any of them, of course.  Not only did I not plant them, but I haven’t done any of the gardening work – Ben is the green thumb in the family.  I have, however, learned what Bishop’s Weed is and will be pulling some up shortly.

Anyway.  Not to get all sentimental and poet-of-the-home on you, but it’s really awesome seeing the garden come to life.  I posted the hyacinths already, of course:

And I believe this is called a sand cherry.  My parents had one at their old house.

No clue what these are, but they’re growing among the hyacinths:

One tulip that didn’t get eaten:

No clue what this bush is either, but it had a lot more of these blossoms before Gus ate them:

And, of course, the patch that Ben shifted concrete tiles off of and seeded with grass:

The dark spots are where he put more sod and seed this morning.  And, of course:


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I’m back!  We spent the weekend at Ben’s parents’ place on Howe Island.  The dogs had a great time, we ate and drank a lot, went on a long boat ride and got totally burned to a crisp.  (Seriously, I think I’m going to get wrinkles about ten years earlier than I would otherwise.)

Madeline got another chance to practice swimming:

As did Gus:

That’s Morton the Golden Retriever in the water and Howie the super-cute little Jack Russell/Schnauzer/something else puppy frolicking with them after Gus gets out.

Complaining with Kay Literary Supplement coming right up…

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