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So the bed is in the middle of the living room, I can’t find my Hello Kitty bathrobe, and Madeline spent a good part of the day hiding by the washing machine.

That’s right – time for more home renovation!

We – and by we, I mean Ben and his dad, as I am apparently NOT ALLOWED to do anything more strenuous than push the cart at Home Depot – are putting in the new kitchen. Then taking out the old one and turning it into a bedroom. And incidentally repairing a rather badly water-damaged wall (miraculously there is no mold, though we’re treating it just to make sure) and a squirrel hole and various other surprises that old houses like to give you.

Anyway. Blogging may be more sporadic than usual and entirely conducted on the tablet, as the computer is blocked by a Les Mis-style barricade of stuff.

I will post pictures once there’s something more than debris to photograph and I figure out how to do so from the WordPress for Android app.


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