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Remember how my printer stopped printing in black last week? I figured out that it needed a new printhead (the thing that the cartridges snap into).

Kodak, in keeping with their policy of making replacing parts more difficult than just buying a new product, doesn’t make it easy to get one. You can’t buy it in a store or find it to order on their website. In the spirit of Make do and Mend, though, I was determined to replace the faulty part.

Finally I got a number for Kodak tech support, spent 20 minutes on hold, then managed to convince a very polite but not particularly knowledgeable man in India (“So you are saying that you need a new printer head, ma’am?” “PRINThead. I need a new printhead”) that I didn’t want to buy a whole new printer (even with a 25% discount!) and he let me order a new one. It only cost $25 and will extend the life of the printer for another two years or so, but sweet raptor jesus it was an annoying experience.

Also, my efforts to make a “Free Snooki” t shirt are being foiled by my not being able to find iron-on letters anywhere. When I was a kid you could get them at Zellers. I may have to make a stencil and use fabric paint.

AND the poster I ordered for Ben’s birthday, which is this weekend:

"Would you like some teeeeeeeeeeea?"

will not get here until Monday at the earliest.

AND ALSO I cannot get an Archos 70 in this country. Archos, I want to give you $350 in exchange for this product. Why won’t you let me buy the damn thing? It’s not like you can’t get it here. Canada is right next to the US and you can buy them there! Actually, I’m thinking of getting my mom to buy one in Hilton Head and mail it to me, but then I wouldn’t be able to return it if there’s a problem.

OH AND TOO I wanted to post a picture of the delicious vegan muffaletta sandwich I made (eggplant, roasted red pepper, spinach, olive salad in a giant round loaf) but the EEE’s card reader stopped working AGAIN and I can’t find the nano-USB cable that connects the camera to the computer, so you’ll just have to use your imaginations.

Why does life have to be so goddamn difficult?


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The replacement power supply has arrived from Hong Kong, and it appears to more or less work!  So I have turned on the EEE once more and am using it.

Not that I have anything in particular to say, but it’s still nice.

I also got a little microphone for my Ipod (which also works), so I can more easily make bootlegs of electroacoustic music concerts record, um, completely uncopyrighted personal things.  Speaking of which – on Tuesday I’m making a Proper Studio Recording of the arias from I Puritani, and will post the results when I get them.

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A word of advice to EEE users: If you’re in Advanced Desktop Mode, DO NOT upgrade all packages in Synaptic. (I know, if you don’t use an eee or some Linux system only 25% of the words in that sentence mean anything. I know.) Because it will cause your eee to go into a boot loop which you do not have sufficient knowledge to fix, even with a free morning and lots of googling, and you will have to restore your computer to factory settings and lose all the emails you’ve received in the past six weeks, including ones with audition dates and bookers’ emails and reference letters in them.

Because I really, really should have known better, this being about the 4th time I’ve done this exact thing, I’m not that pissed off. And my inbox was getting awfully full and unwieldly anyway, and I don’t need any reference letters right now. And the only audition I have coming up is on February 4. And I have that booker’s email address written down somewhere else.

And to stop this from happening in the future, I have acquired a copy of “Linux for Dummies” and am thinking of taking a Linux class, because obviously I am not to be trusted with root access without some more training.

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As a gift I give you a dictionary.

In this episode:
– Socialism? Really?
– The one thing I have in common with Glen Beck: I love America, and I fear for her, because something is *not* connecting here.
– That is not socialism. That is Gilded Age robber baron capitalism with some protection for the proletariat. That’s why things are the way they are.
– Yet another failed audition: I had to watch a Muppet movie last night to get over it.
– I withdraw from the competition – the rest of the sopranos who are just as good as me can fight over small roles from minor opera companies.
– My voice is not so unbelievably fantastic that you go “AAAAAAHHHHHH!” and wet your pants.
– Email feedback to kaythecomplainer@gmail.com and I will send you a cookie.


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Coming soon to a theatre near you: A race against time, as one woman struggles with a small army of USB drives, a Linux distro, and a recalcitrant netbook. Will it ever boot up again?

“All I wanted was to update Flash so I could watch Jon Stewart online! And now I’m trapped in this nightmare!”

In all seriousness, anyone out there know how to install Eeebuntu without involving a shaman or sacrificing a goat? Because I’m out of ideas.*

*Not exactly – I haven’t yet tried to do it from a bootable DVD, largely because I don’t have an external DVD drive. I may go buy one tomorrow and give it a shot.

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This computer, a 2003 iMac which I inherited from my grandfather (well, no one else wanted it…), is starting to make ominous sounds and show signs of advanced age and senility.  For two days the only way I’ve been able to turn it off is to unplug it, which is, you’ll agree, not a good sign, and it has a tendency to freeze whenever I plug in my Ipod.  Its processor is too slow (!) to install Leopard; its hard drive is a measly 17 GB; it has sudden fits of the vapours when trying to play Flash videos with more than one programme running at a time; in short, it’s on its last legs.  I did enquire about its trade-in value at a Mac reseller…but it more or less doesn’t have one.  

But since I own both an Ipod Touch AND an EEE, I don’t really need a real computer.  (Though the amount of money the two of them cost could have bought a real computer…oh well…)  Once this computer loses it, I will go solo and survive on mobile internet devices alone.  And use Ben’s computer to update my website.

So.  New Year’s Day.  I went to a lovely party last night.  There was both a heated argument and some drunken vomiting, but as I was involved in neither, I consider the party a success.  I wore an awesome vaguely superhero-ish outfit.  I will post pictures if any surface and I consider them worthy of your consideration.  I woke up tired but not hungover, which is much better than the last three New Years:


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Reasons to play the Hart House Great Hall:

– Excellent acoustics

– 9-foot concert grand piano

– Verses by either William Blake or Milton (I can’t really tell the difference) in medieval-looking script written around the walls

– Pictures of august-looking Canadians at strategic points, giving you something specific to look at whenever you need to visualize a person when performing

– High ceilings and cathedral-like windows

– Central location

– Organized organizers and a good audience

Ok, now the flip side.

Reasons NOT to play the Hart House Great Hall:

– A long, narrow room, oriented horizontally, meaning that the audience is squeezed into six very long rows in front of you

– The Gallery Grill, a popular U of T restaurant, is situated in the gallery above it, with big open windows in between; not a problem for the 3 PM show, but somewhat annoying during the 12:30 rehearsal

– The troupe of bagpipers that passed by during the first unaccompanied piece (I kid you not)

– It’s made out of stone and kind of cold in this damp November weather.

Well, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t look on the down side, right?  It was a good show.  It’s actually quite a nice room.  My friend Jeff Vidov, who is a kick-ass recording engineer, recorded it, and I will be posting excerpts on the official site when he’s done mixing and mastering.  He found it a bit ringy for recording, but he got the mikes in close and it was just fine.

The bagpipe procession passed by during Alex Eddington’s unaccompanied piece (also called Scintillator), and, though unexpected, it was kind of awesome.  I will most definitely be posting that recording.

The last leg starts on Thursday with a jaunt to London (Ontario, not England, sadly enough).  I have no pictures from the show itself – though an old dude from the audience walked straight up to me after the show, took my picture, then walked away – but here’s a picture from in front of the building:


Yes, it IS a squirrel coming out of a garbage can

Yes, it IS a squirrel coming out of a garbage can

See?  Just like I said.  Rats with tails.

After the show we went to the Tranzac to hear Fred Spek and the Toronto Gospel Choir, where my friend Keith confirmed my suspicions that the Ipod Touch is superior to the EEE.  He continued to taunt me via Facebook:

picture-4 That’s all for now.  I will post more of the vampire novel later today.

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