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Complaining with Kay, Episode 24.5, Literary Supplement: Lullaby for Gus.

In this episode:
– Melancholy Inventory
– Tie the knot tighter
– Lullaby for Gus
– You don’t have to put on a show.  You’re already my friend.



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Today I did something I’ve been putting off for weeks.  I wrote the third of my opera libretti (librettos?  whatever), the one about Edith Sitwell.  Here’s a little excerpt, in the style of Facade:

Melancholy Inventory

The gilded bee
The satin sea
The black sun rising over me
The honeycomb
The marksman’s tomb
The exit from the morning’s womb
The sheep-like crowd
The laugh out loud
The silent weeping of the proud
Hand in hand
And wait in vain for the end –

The jewelled eye
The shapely thigh
The gaudy birds that wasted die
The distance between you and I
Why linger?  Why whisper?  Why cry?

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