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I haven’t posted for a day or two because I have ACTUALLY been busy.  Tuesday I taught almost all of my students in one afternoon/evening, because yesterday I sat my friend Jen Wardle’s art show.  Which I will be doing tomorrow, and for part of next week.

Sitting an art show means sitting in the gallery to make sure no one steals the art or pees on the floor.  There’s really nothing else to do, which is why I brought my knitting.

Being an entrepreneurial type, I’m always trying to think of new ways to make a bit of extra cash.  So why not, you ask, knit up a few sweaters and sell them?

Let me explain.


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So it’ll be summer soon, and a good number of my students will be off doing fun, self-improving things that I can’t afford to do.  The economic downturn has thrown a bit of a spanner into my financial planning for this year, so I’m looking to pick up a bit of extra money.  I had some ideas…

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