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I haven’t posted for a day or two because I have ACTUALLY been busy.  Tuesday I taught almost all of my students in one afternoon/evening, because yesterday I sat my friend Jen Wardle’s art show.  Which I will be doing tomorrow, and for part of next week.

Sitting an art show means sitting in the gallery to make sure no one steals the art or pees on the floor.  There’s really nothing else to do, which is why I brought my knitting.

Being an entrepreneurial type, I’m always trying to think of new ways to make a bit of extra cash.  So why not, you ask, knit up a few sweaters and sell them?

Let me explain.


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…Gus doesn’t.

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Last August I purchased a Samsung CLP 310N laser printer.  No, this is not turning into a gadget blog.  There is a point to this story.  The printer was surprisingly cheap, like under $150.  Great, I thought.  Finally a printer whose ink will last longer than six weeks.

The toner cartridges are long-lasting, actually – the blue, yellow, and whatever the other colour one is are all still fine – but the black one started to give out about a month ago.  That’s when I discovered why the damn printer was so cheap.


Except online.

Staples – and I have been to every Staples in the entire city in the past month – doesn’t ever seem to have the black ones in the store.  You want blue, cyan, or magenta?  Fine.  Black?  Sorry, out of stock.

So eventually I caved and ordered one online.  Fine.  It came today.  Here’s a picture of the cartridge:


And here’s the box it came in:


In case you think some kind of scale-related hijinks are going on, here they are together:


Why, Staples, does this itty bitty little toner cartridge require a fucking MOVING BOX to be shipped safely?  It’s bad enough that it had to be driven to my front door in a giant truck, but did you have to put it in an enormous box?

OK, that’s enough petty ranting for tonight.  Here’s an adorable picture of Gus:


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I am keeping my promise, and have posted another episode of my podcast, Complaining with Kay.  Today’s episode: Snobs at the dog park.  Why are dogs so amazing, and some dog owners such jerks?  Why object to dog pee when raccoon pee is so much worse?  Listen direct here, or subscribe to the RSS with this feed: http://www.kristinmh.com/cwk/cwk.rss .

I’ve also been coming up with many good backstories for the bike that we found in a tree, and will post details (and perhaps more pictures) this weekend.

Comment on the podcast here…if you like…

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