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First, read this. Or watch this:

Post your best explanation in the comments here, or email it to kaythecomplainer@gmail.com.

Contest closes Feb. 13, and the winner will be announced Feb. 14. The prize is 1 (one) dirty postcard, hand-drawn by me. Look at this post if you want to see some examples of my artwork.

Good luck!


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Another incentive to come to the show on Friday: Among the merchandise for sale will be squid hats with built-in tentacle-scarves, or tentascarves. Available in Medium (my head), Large, (Ben’s head), and Bigfoot – OK, Extra-Large (the head of a dear friend of mine who plays the viola).

Custom squid hat orders will be taken – just send the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows and $20 to my Paypal account. Testimonials will follow.

I believe there may be some kind of “Haikus for Cthulhu” contest announced soon – I will announce details as they arise.

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