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Hello! Did you miss me? It’s not that I haven’t been blogging, it’s just that I’ve been blogging here, and you should all be reading that. (Check out my 3-part series on Peggy McIntosh’s “Feeling Like a Fraud”. It’s actually really good.)

I feel like I have even less time than usual to do, well, anything…and mostly that is true, because you remember me how I made one of my goals for 2013 to get another non-music job? I got another non-music job, and it met my criteria pretty much exactly (10-15 hrs/week, partly from home, more than minimum wage, not evil). I know so much about Excel spreadsheets now guys, you have no idea. Actually it’s fun, even the spreadsheets. Am I a weirdo for liking Excel? Is that like liking Calculus? I liked Calculus in school, though I can’t remember the first thing about it now.

This job started out as a 10-week contract, the main task of which was to go through 15 years worth of virtual and paper records and organize/get rid of them. Mostly get rid of them, because does anyone need agendas from meetings which happened in 2003? Not unless they’re the UN. Anyway, I got this 10-week contract and it turns out I’m rather good at triaging paper and so on, so it turned into a permanent thing. But I find, as I’m now working that extra 15 hours a week, I have less and less time to do the kind of stuff for myself that I need to do to keep stuff going.

It’s ironic. What I do at work is set up systems to make work go more smoothly (along with a rather eclectic basket of web, research, and design tasks); the time I spend doing this means I have little time to do this for myself.

It’s like, you know those mornings when you don’t have breakfast and you’re kicking yourself for not having breakfast and are like “How hard would it have been for me to get a goddamn bowl of oatmeal?” Except you need to do like 10 steps to get to the goddamn oatmeal and you don’t have time/energy to do more than 3 and getting to a point where oatmeal would be only 3 steps away would take at least 20 steps of organizing as well as weekly maintenance and you’re like “Fuck it, I’ll just eat a handful of almonds” (which is not a bad breakfast, BTW). And you haven’t washed your hair in 4 days because it takes hours to dry but looks really bad if you go to bed with it wet and you don’t have a chance to wash it during the day so if you want to wash it you have to do it right afer the baby goes to bed and who wants to take a bath at 7 PM? And you really need a haircut anyway but you don’t even have a hairdresser anymore and all your friends are yuppie Leslieville moms and keep recommending really expensive ones? And you’re not wearing pants because none of your real pants fit anymore and all of your yoga pants are in clean but at the bottom of the not-put-away-yet clean hamper so you’re wearing bright red tights and a purple skirt and a grey shirt with one squirrel mugging another squirrel on it because the colour wheel, what’s that?

I bought a bunch of air freshener-type stuff last week, because I feel like the house smells musty and while this is probably solvable by cleaning behind the piano and dusting the plate rails (I do not want to think about the dust situation on the plate rails…stupid dust-collecting plate rails), it’s also solvable with $15 worth of Glade products. I’m sure Glade is evil and I’m poisoning all of us by using a plug-in scent diffuser, but right now I just want the house to smell OK. And so far it’s working. Maybe a little too well, because this house is really small and I think these things are designed to work in larger areas. The one I have in the bedroom is frankly overpowering, if in a good way. It smells like pineapple Jolly Ranchers. It is making me dream of being a child again.

Anyway. Most of the time I am fed and clothed and leave the house looking better than Aileen Wuornos, so I figure I’m coming out on top. I feel like I need to take a week off to set up my life to run smoothly, but if I did I’d probably just sit around and watch CSI, so why bother. I’ll just buy some instant oatmeal instead.


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– I didn’t expect to take 6 months off podcasting!
– Couldn’t talk about it and didn’t want to talk about anything else, then inertia took over
– There should be a law against child of former president becoming president – it’s unpleasantly monarchical
– Our own slow catastrophe in Toronto: Rob Ford
– He appears to be slowly turning Toronto into someplace where you drive everywhere and then go home and watch TV and you have to pay for everything and poor people are totally fucked
– Someday I’ll look back at this time and think “It would have been a different world”…


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In this episode:

– A thought experiment.
– How about we work on creating a world where everyone can have it pretty good all around, OK?
– I looked out the window and thought, “Have I woken up in a different universe?”
– That’s Madeline squeaking her fox.
– My teeth need to be parged.
– Dental insurance: a fucking scam.
– Election time!  Don’t vote for Harper!

To donate to the Red Cross for Japan relief, text “REDCROSS” to 30333 if you’re in Canada or 90999 if you’re in the US.

To donate to my tooth-parging, use the “Donate” button in the sidebar.



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1. Complaining with Kay, Episode 62: Special guest complaint half hour!

62: Special guest complaint half hour.

Michael Hardner complains about how Canadians view our healthcare system. Morgan Riley and I provide backchat and questions.  Lots of yelling with some constructive criticism.

Links of great interest:

The Lenihan (not Linehan) paper mentioned

And, of course, the podcast.

2. The 48: Prelude and Fugue in A Minor.

I did it!  I finally did it!

This week: The Impossible Six Bars. There is no way this was written for a harpsichord or any keyboard instrument that doesn’t involve feet.


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Editor’s note: Oops, looks like I forgot to make a post for the podcast…that came out on Monday. Sorry!

60: Stir-crazy.

– You know how people used to think fiction was bad for you? Maybe fiction is bad for you.
– I tried to keep telling myself “This is actually good! You don’t have to bullshit!”
– For some reason whenever there’s a deadline, that’s when your printer suddenly decides that it won’t print in black anymore.
– And I actually wrote that in my notes, with about 87 A’s.
– I think I need to read up on Rimbaud or get really blitzed on absinthe in order to understand it.
– If you’re an expert on Rimbaud: kaythecomplainer@gmail.com
– I’m running around like I’m trying to stop a submarine from exploding!


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*Warning: Lots of swearing in this one*

– Hello!  I’m back!
– No excuse or anything, just feeling mutinous etc
– No big topic today, just me bitching
– fucking weather
– fucking stomach flu (or whatever it was)
– fucking falling from my fucking bike


– anyway, on a positive note: Doctor Who

BONUS: Every Second Counts


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*Warning: NSFW*

My take on Julian Assange et al.

If you’re looking for that email, kaythecomplainer@gmail.com.


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