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As I’m not working much right now, I have been taking the dogs to the off-leash more frequently than normal. It’s only about a 15 minute walk away, but if you work 2:30-9:30 or whatever I was doing in the school year you find yourself disinclined to haul yourself there and back even when you do have time.

And if I haven’t been in a while I always forget how awesome dogs are. I am constantly reminded of how awesome my own dogs are, but I do forget that other people’s are as well. Some examples:

– Marley, the Sharpei/Basset Hound. Just picture what that cross would look like.




I know, you can’t. This is a Basset Hound:

And this is a Shar Pei:

And this is what you might get if you play God Cupid:

That is not an actual picture of Marley. She basically looked like a Basset Hound with a few extra wrinkles, only she was entirely the tan Shar Pei colour. And she was a sweetheart.

– Brooke, the 3/4 Chihuahua/ 1/4 Jack Russell

You know how some short guys are really aggressive and macho to make up for their shortness? Brooke may be 4 pounds of adorable long-haired Chihuahua-ness, but she is totally overcompensating. Madeline will occasionally go up to a much larger dog and howl in its face. This is not a smart thing for a 25-pound dog to do, but at least Madeline is not in danger of being squashed by the misstep of a Bernese Mountain Dog. Brooke was determined that the entire park knew she was the toughest dog around, and she did her best. Unfortunately she was so cute that even the Great Dane didn’t buy it.

– Billy the Bull-Terrier

Billy likes his squeaky toy. So much that he keeps it in his mouth, squeaking it, all the time. He lets his (also quite adorable) owner throw it, then gets hold of it and won’t let go for anything. This doesn’t stop him from playing with the other dogs – he runs around with them, and occasionally pokes one in the shoulder with his snout, because he can’t play-bite them without dropping his toy, and growls if anyone makes a play for it. That sort of obsession is awfully endearing.

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