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I’m in Ottawa right now for an independent touring workshop. So far: really helpful for what I want to do (i.e., get Fallen Voices on the road) and I’m really glad I came. I’m typing up today’s notes right now, because I know from experience that if I don’t do it know I will entirely forget what everything I wrote refers to. To illustrate, some of the things I wrote today:

– “Yr a Canadian product! Lk wheat, nuclear reactors!”
– “Be persistent, don’t harrass (diff is hrd to tell)”
– “pure genre pffft”
– “Why 8 PM?”
– “Health Arts __ __”
– “guess ↑ expenses, ↓ income – ASSM SMTHNG WILL GO WRONG”

All excellent advice, no doubt, but if I wait for a week to transcribe my notes I won’t be able to translate them at all. (“Health Arts __ __” refers “The Health Arts Society of Ontario”, an organization that puts on concerts in hospitals and nursing homes. No one could remember the full name.)


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I wrote a grant proposal last night.  It took, like, an hour – way less than these things normally do – and I think I know why.

Normally there’s a good amount of bullshit in a grant application, a lot of hand-waving and trying to cover up the fact that you’re thinking “I don’t deserve this and there is absolutely no way they’re going to buy this”.  But this proposal…

…actually makes sense and is totally appropriate for me and where I’m at in my career.  So let’s hope it works!

Now I just have to apply for the Fringe (for Call of Cthulhu) and a grant for that next month and another festival in February and AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.


I’m going to post a recipe here, mostly because it’s written on the back of a receipt and I don’t want to lose it.  When I was in London for Thanksgiving, my mother and I went to an Asian grocery store in the south of town to pick up some things for a recipe.  My mother, because she has turned into her own mother just as surely as I have turned into her, struck up a conversation with the woman ahead of us in line and got the recipe for what she was planning on cooking.  This is it:

Fry in oil:

– ground beef/chicken (I’ve used Yves Asian Just Like Ground Round, which does have an uncannily meat-like texture)
– add garlic, lots of sliced green onions
– some chili garlic paste with peanuts in it (look around at your local Asian grocery)
– a bit of soy sauce
– a bit of oyster sauce (I omitted this)
– a pinch of salt and sugar
– some thinly sliced Napa cabbage
– some rice noodles (sold as “Rice Pasta” or “Dried Rice Cake” – they’re about 1-inch-long miniature cricket bats made out of rice flour), soaked overnight (this is really important)

Cook it all in oil in a frying pan or wok.  The noodles/pasta/cakes need about 3 minutes to finish cooking.

Things that are also good to add to this:

– fried tofu
– spinach
– red peppers
– fresh peanuts
– bean sprouts
– whatever else is knocking about in your fridge.

It’s very good, and very quick if you think ahead and soak the rice pasta.

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I had a completely different idea for a podcast today, but it involved me getting hold of a Cesar Millan book and I didn’t manage to do it. Next week. Today instead I talk about the effects of arts funding organizations on art.


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