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Seriously, Richard Nixon’s corpse would make a better mayor than this buffoon.

– Someone stole my credit card number! And bought gas!  The bank just called to ask, “Hey, did you buy gas this morning and yesterday?” I didn’t, because I don’t have a car.  Bastards.

– Sadly, Paul the Psychic Octopus is no more. May he predict more football winners in the great aquarium in the sky.

– I can’t get over this. ROB FORD IS MAYOR.

I keep telling myself that the damage he can do is limited, because the mayor is just one vote on council and everyone on council hates him, but it’s disheartening to know that at least a plurality of my fellow Torontonians think that I (a bike-riding vegetarian artist) am a parasite and a blot on the landscape.

Anyway. To cheer myself up I made a collage video of the Daily Basset pictures.

And Ben is home!  Yay!


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In this episode:

– It’s the kind of house Lucy Maud Montgomery would use as a setting for a sappy novel about a plucky heroine overcoming being an orphan to become a successful sappy novelist.
– My notes actually say HI HI HI HI HI.  I don’t know why I wrote that.
– I had my parents over for Easter Dinner, and I cooked.  It’s the end of an era!
– Go vegan!  Or mostly vegan.  Where the f*ck do you find vegan puff pastry?
– I puritani got a bad review:
– Oh, excuse me for being able to sing really really fast really really high.  If that makes me a chirper, I don’t want to be a…non-chirper?  What’s the opposite of a chirper?
– When she opened the door she said, “Well, if it isn’t Kristin Chirper-Heaslip!”  Yeah.  That’s me.
– It was a bit crushing, but… *an excerpt from Episode 44: How CAN a door be out of order?*
– So yeah.  Bring it on!

Come to Die Weisse Rose, April 8, 7:30 PM, Hart House Music Room: Tickets at 416-913-2424


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It’s about 3:30 in the morning as I write this, and I Puritani is over.

I wish I had some audio or video to post, but as this was an actual For Real production with union rules etc., I don’t.  You will just have to take my word for it that I was fantastic.*

As I’m very tired and want to get back to bed soon (I woke up a little while ago, still very tired but also very hungry, so I’ve just had some leftover Thai food) here is a brief list of what I’ve learned from this experience:

– I can actually really sing this stuff.

– I actually really LIKE singing this stuff.

– Little old ladies LOVE me.

– But not as much as they love tenors.

– You can, in fact, lose two nights of sleep because an entire opera is running through your head.

– But you can salvage the second one by taking Gravol at 3 AM.

– Arturo is much, much too nice to Elvira at the end.

– If in the course of a long aria/section/ensemble/whatever you don’t take deep enough breaths, or you take too many breaths and don’t let your lungs fully empty, you will feel quite dizzy at the end of it.

– I am apparently a very believable crazy person.

– Which is probably for the best, because if you’re playing a crazy person and you accidentally make yourself light-headed,  someone else will lead you off stage at the end just as part of the blocking, so you don’t have to worry about fainting.

Anyway.  This was fun.  I think I’ll do it again.

*And so was the rest of the cast.

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– Singing for seven hours (on and off) makes you really tired.
– And hungry.
– It all makes much more sense with everyone else singing!
– I can only sing that &7(&,(&’sfjopmvfdf chromatic scale passage in one breath if I don’t sing anything for about ten minutes before it. No one would go for inserting a ten-minute fermata right before it, though.
– When pulling out your imaginary sword, be careful not to hit anyone in the face.
– There’s a Value Village right across from the rehearsal space!
– Gus has gotten used to me being home all the time. Sorry, Gus.

Also, it’s nice to work from 3-10 and not 10-2 (at practicing etc) then 3-10 (teaching).

Tomorrow: Moar!

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You know how I’ve been doing audition after audition for the past year? And while I’ve gotten feedback ranging from very encouraging to completely indifferent, I haven’t gotten a single role?

Not anymore!

On March 28 I’ll be singing Elvira in I Puritani with Opera in Concert. Sweet!

I’m still learning the part, so here’s a glimpse of what I’m up against:

That\'s gonna be me!

Also, the Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra is playing tonight at 10 at the Tranzac. We’re bringing back some songs we haven’t played recently, as well as playing some old favourites and the odd Torture Memo, so come out. PWYC.

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