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I don’t have time right now to produce any interesting content, but I ran across this unbelievable picture from when Gus was a puppy:

yes, hes fast asleep

yes, he's fast asleep

My brother-in-law just joined Facebook and posted this to his profile.

OK, better content coming later…just wanted to share this for now…

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I found my own “Kristin needs…” exercise so hilarious I decided to extend it to the dogs.  Here’s what Gus needs:

Gus needs…

1. …to be tied to limit his interaction with the Christmas Tree
2. …to get a plan
3. …to leave the show
4. …to get a girlfriend
5. …help again!
6. …a skin graft.
7. …a family with patience, who can show him how to express himself
8. …to pick the right situation
9. …intense behavioural modification
10. …to be stopped.


And here’s what Madeline needs:

1. …your vote
2. …to make money
3. …to come home
4. …your help
5. …help getting off the Ferris wheel
6. …to spend some time in the hospital
7. …to be the centre of attention
8. …a pacemaker
9. …to get back in the kitchen and start cooking me up some Indian food
10. …to immediately write an incident report to document exactly what happened and submit this to her supervisor in case of a lawsuit.


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As promised, here is a video representation of Madeline and Gus’ new trick.  Madeline actually kind of flubs her second try.  I should have edited that one out, but I don’t have any video editing software.

Yeah, I know I have headphones in my ears and that’s lame.  My Ipod appears to be permanently attached to my head.  No, I had been listening to a podcast; I turned it off when I was playing with the dogs but forgot to take the buds out of my ears and put it away.  Oh well.

But but but cute puppies!  Gus is surprisingly photogenic.  I think he has a career as a model ahead of him.  As long as he doesn’t have to move much.

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Yesterday I cleaned out one of our closets.  Actually I cleaned out all of them, but only one counted.  It’s the one in the studio, the sort of Sargasso Sea of the apartment, where stuff we don’t need or use but are reluctant to throw out ends up.  So of course it was packed with a variety of junk, including:

– some bed slats from an Ikea bed that we don’t own anymore

– a giant bag full of tangled hot pink wool (seriously)

– a box full of photocopied music scores

– an old rag rug Karl Mohr gave us last time he moved but we never found a place for

– some of my old poems.

This last one made me sit down for a few minutes and feel sentimental.  Now, I started writing poetry (as an adult) in the fall of 2003 after having my heart broken twice (by two different people) in about four months.  I was twenty-three, in school, working part time at Starbucks.  I had no money and – gasp – no home Internet connection.  I was lonely and kept getting rejected by the inappropriate romantic interests I fixated on.  And, like many in their early twenties, I was severe and dogmatic and inclined to be fatalistic.  

Also, my bedroom was a former back porch and was insufficiently insulated.  But in a way, this was something of a Golden Age.  I had nothing and was nothing, but looking back I see that I was becoming something.

So I thought I would post a couple of the poems I found.  Most of my 2003-2005 oeuvre are locked on an old computer that doesn’t turn on anymore (probably for the best) or were on a bunch of old floppy disks that accidentally got erased.  For some reason, though, I printed off a bunch of them.  Bear in mind that these are all serious poems, by the way.  Here’s one of the first of this period, dating (I know from the event it refers to) from October of 2003:


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That’s right, I put it right in the title so you’re forewarned.  Here’s Ella, Gordon and David’s lovely little puppy with the broken leg:


I love how her cast says “Under repair”.

On a completely different note, my post about accidentally eating bugs (Very disgusting: DO NOT CLICK) is one of the most popular and most viewed.  Tell people not to click and they do.  Go figure.

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I had a dream last night that I was offered a part in an opera that paid $50,000 (!).  Then I got fired at the first rehearsal for looking too masculine (the part had some kind of cross-dressing angle) and I hung around, hoping my replacement would literally break her legs and they’d have to bring me back.

Hmm…I suppose I could write a farcical story about it, but the demon baby story from last night has made me more cautious about turning my dreams into fiction.  At any rate, I’d like to introduce a friend of mine:


Madeline as an extremely adorable little puppy

Madeline as an extremely adorable little puppy


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