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You know how that dude with the poorly-named “Family Radio” station thinks the world is going to end on May 21?

Well, hold your horses.  Yes, I know that the world is – as always – filled with war, famine, terror, and destruction, but maybe this isn’t the end just yet.

Or it’s hell freezing over.  Who knows?

I had a whole extremely pessimistic post about the election ready, about how it was bound to be either a Conservative minority or a Liberal minority and I might as well stock up on gas masks and form “Evil Diva Productions: The Militant Wing”, when Ben said, “Didn’t you know? The NDP could totally do OK this time.”

(He didn’t say it exactly like that.)

And while I know the NDP probably won’t win, it does hearten me to know that they’re not far off.  Also that even in my riding, where you could run a cactus for Parliament and it would probably win as long as it was a Liberal cactus, NDP candidate Matthew Kellway seems to have a chance.

Anyway, go vote!  Remember, a vote for Harper is a vote for Cthulhu!


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