Hello. No, I don’t really have a blog post, just a recipe. Someday I will have time to write for myself again. This is not that day.

Anyway, more experiments with okara: waffles! These are amazingly good and my two-year-old likes them, so you will too.

Carrot apple okara waffles


–          ¾ C cooked wet okara*

–          1 medium carrot, shredded or chopped very fine in a food processor

–          ½ a medium apple, shredded or chopped very fine in a food processor

–          3 T brown sugar (if you substitute a liquid sweetener like brown rice syrup or agave, reduce the liquid by 2 or 3 tablespoons)

–          3 T vegetable oil or melted, cooled vegan margarine

–          1 ½ C non-dairy milk (soy is good for extra protein, but whatever you’ve got is good)

–          1 ¾ C flour – feel  free to use up to 1 C whole wheat if you’re trying to sneak whole grains as well as vegetables and protein into your family’s waffles

–          1 T baking powder

–          1 T cornstarch

–          ¼ t cinnamon, or to taste

Preheat your waffle iron. Mix the okara, carrot, apple, and non-dairy milk in a large bowl. Add the sugar and oil and beat until dissolved and slightly frothy. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until no large lumps remain. Don’t over-mix – you don’t want your waffles to be tough. Oil the waffle iron and cook according to manufacturer’s directions. Serve hot with vegan margarine and maple syrup, spread with pumpkin seed butter, or just eat them standing up in the kitchen directly off the waffle maker.  Your call.

Note: As the moisture content in okara varies a lot, both from machine to machine and from batch to batch, it’s a good idea to make one test waffle on its own. If it’s a bit pale and floppy, add 2-3 T flour, one tablespoon at a time, until the batter thickens a bit. If it’s thick and undercooked, add 1-2 T non-dairy milk.

*You must use cooked okara in this recipe. If you’re using a soymilk machine, that’s what you’re getting anyway; if you’re making soymilk by hand you have to either simmer the milk before squeezing it out or cook the okara on its own. I believe if you steam it for 10-15 minutes that’ll do the trick, but don’t quote me on it. Toasted okara won’t work in this recipe, but feel free to invent your own toasted okara waffle recipe if that’s what you’ve got. Please be careful with this as uncooked soy is toxic to humans.

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One of my favourite advice websites, Captain Awkward, has a commenting rule: no remote diagnoses. No matter how much the letter writer’s annoying aunt reminds you of your mother, you can’t diagnose someone with Borderline Personality Disorder based on the description of a biased third party.

This is good advice, but rarely followed (even on Captain Awkward). Unless you’re living under a rock – and if you are, I might come join you for a weekend just to get away – you will have by now heard of Toronto’s mayor trouble. For the journalists of Toronto, Rob Ford and his antics have been the gift that keeps giving, as the man continues to reach new highs or new lows or just new levels of weirdness. It’s easy to treat the story as entertainment, and it’s difficult for those of us who are not fans of the mayor to react with anything other than schadenfreude. Or, to repeat a phrase coined all the way back in 2008, Schadenford (Noun: Perverse pleasure derived from observing the foibles of Toronto mayor Rob Ford).

But I am going to attempt to follow the good Captain’s advice and keep my itchy fingers off the DSM. I mean, it is pretty obvious that Rob Ford has psychological problems ranging from addictions to rage issues to some reeeaaally dysfunctional family dynamics – I hope if I am ever caught smoking crack my mother doesn’t take the opportunity to appear on national TV and call me fat! – but let’s leave the specifics up to the trained professionals when he finally makes contact with them. Plus that article’s been done already.

More interesting is the psychological profile not of the man himself but of the city which elected him. A brief history for the outsiders: Continue Reading »

Getting to oatmeal

Hello! Did you miss me? It’s not that I haven’t been blogging, it’s just that I’ve been blogging here, and you should all be reading that. (Check out my 3-part series on Peggy McIntosh’s “Feeling Like a Fraud”. It’s actually really good.)

I feel like I have even less time than usual to do, well, anything…and mostly that is true, because you remember me how I made one of my goals for 2013 to get another non-music job? I got another non-music job, and it met my criteria pretty much exactly (10-15 hrs/week, partly from home, more than minimum wage, not evil). I know so much about Excel spreadsheets now guys, you have no idea. Actually it’s fun, even the spreadsheets. Am I a weirdo for liking Excel? Is that like liking Calculus? I liked Calculus in school, though I can’t remember the first thing about it now.

This job started out as a 10-week contract, the main task of which was to go through 15 years worth of virtual and paper records and organize/get rid of them. Mostly get rid of them, because does anyone need agendas from meetings which happened in 2003? Not unless they’re the UN. Anyway, I got this 10-week contract and it turns out I’m rather good at triaging paper and so on, so it turned into a permanent thing. But I find, as I’m now working that extra 15 hours a week, I have less and less time to do the kind of stuff for myself that I need to do to keep stuff going.

It’s ironic. What I do at work is set up systems to make work go more smoothly (along with a rather eclectic basket of web, research, and design tasks); the time I spend doing this means I have little time to do this for myself.

It’s like, you know those mornings when you don’t have breakfast and you’re kicking yourself for not having breakfast and are like “How hard would it have been for me to get a goddamn bowl of oatmeal?” Except you need to do like 10 steps to get to the goddamn oatmeal and you don’t have time/energy to do more than 3 and getting to a point where oatmeal would be only 3 steps away would take at least 20 steps of organizing as well as weekly maintenance and you’re like “Fuck it, I’ll just eat a handful of almonds” (which is not a bad breakfast, BTW). And you haven’t washed your hair in 4 days because it takes hours to dry but looks really bad if you go to bed with it wet and you don’t have a chance to wash it during the day so if you want to wash it you have to do it right afer the baby goes to bed and who wants to take a bath at 7 PM? And you really need a haircut anyway but you don’t even have a hairdresser anymore and all your friends are yuppie Leslieville moms and keep recommending really expensive ones? And you’re not wearing pants because none of your real pants fit anymore and all of your yoga pants are in clean but at the bottom of the not-put-away-yet clean hamper so you’re wearing bright red tights and a purple skirt and a grey shirt with one squirrel mugging another squirrel on it because the colour wheel, what’s that?

I bought a bunch of air freshener-type stuff last week, because I feel like the house smells musty and while this is probably solvable by cleaning behind the piano and dusting the plate rails (I do not want to think about the dust situation on the plate rails…stupid dust-collecting plate rails), it’s also solvable with $15 worth of Glade products. I’m sure Glade is evil and I’m poisoning all of us by using a plug-in scent diffuser, but right now I just want the house to smell OK. And so far it’s working. Maybe a little too well, because this house is really small and I think these things are designed to work in larger areas. The one I have in the bedroom is frankly overpowering, if in a good way. It smells like pineapple Jolly Ranchers. It is making me dream of being a child again.

Anyway. Most of the time I am fed and clothed and leave the house looking better than Aileen Wuornos, so I figure I’m coming out on top. I feel like I need to take a week off to set up my life to run smoothly, but if I did I’d probably just sit around and watch CSI, so why bother. I’ll just buy some instant oatmeal instead.

New poem

Toronto poem

When in the dusk the postern lamps are lit
And over fallen leaves the padded feet begin to tread
Of leashed dogs circling blocks in friendly packs –
the evening air assumes a quiet gentleness;

as lighted streetcar windows pass, all headed east
towards dark red velvet pubs, all brass and firelit
And every syllable’s weight begins to hang
so heavy, as I and nature return to soft
and dark and sweet and smooth and bed.


Working vs. Pretending to work

Note to self: these are not the same thing.


Insight into the self vs. Showing off

a) “Wow, I have deeper feelings about zoos than I thought I did” or b) “Destroying capitalism is an integral part of my sexuality”**


WordPress vs. Blogger

I actually don’t have any opinions on this anymore. I’m pretty firm in hating on Disqus, though. I mainly browse the Internet on crappy out-of-date devices and Disqus DOES NOT WORK on a 5-year-old Ipod Touch, OK?


Beer vs. Wine



Poetry vs. Prose

Well, what is this?


Classic Doctor Who vs. New Doctor Who

DIFFICULT QUESTION. There are more like 5-7 distinct periods of Doctor Who – maybe someday I’ll go back to school and write a PHD thesis on it!*** Short wishy-washy answer: there are great episodes/story arcs in both, as well as some real stinkers and missteps. You know how I feel about Moffat, but then again I’ve been watching the 6th Doctor episodes lately and if the show can come back from that it can come back from ANYTHING.


 Rob Ford did crack vs. It’s a left-wing conspiracy!

a) Rob Ford smoked SOMETHING from a pipe; he clearly is not a crack addict, but he might have done it once then gone back to hash or lines or whatever else it is he normally does. b) Why would you conspire to make Rob Ford look stupid when he’s so good at doing it on his own?


Twitter vs. Snapchat

I am too old to use Snapchat. Get off my lawn!



  • I seem to be incapable of making anything fermented (yogurt, tempeh, etc)
  • I do the crosswords and Sudoku in the free papers on the subway and leave the paper on the seat
  • I also put my feet up on seats in transit (if there’s a free one)
  • I will totally judge you if you carry your dog in a purse


Awkward moments

  • When someone you know writes about a social event you were both at on their blog and you’re like “OMG that’s what you were feeling like? D:”
  • Trying to navigate the sidewalk while pushing a stroller on garbage day, running into like 8 seniors in those motorized scooters
  • When the cashier at the drugstore says “Would you like to buy a heart for two dollars? The money is for heart transplants for babies” and you say no and everyone in line looks at you like you’re literally Hitler
  • When you run into someone you know, realize you’re going the same way on the subway but don’t really want to talk to them for 8-10 stops, so invent an errand to get out of it and have to hang around somewhere random for 10 minutes to avoid running into them on the platform

Maybe someday I will write real blog posts again. This is not that day.

I did write a poem a few days ago, so maybe I’ll look at it again, totally rewrite it, and post it.

Until then…

*Literally the thought that went through my head before I opened a Word document and started typing

**I didn’t make that up! I ran across someone on Twitter who put it in their bio. More power to them, but WTF?


Remember when I bought a soy milk maker? Maybe I didn’t blog about it? Anyway, after Gus got sick I went full into Frugal mode and started making our soymilk instead of buying it. Only making soymilk by hand is a long, laborious process that creates a fair amount of dirty laundry, and I was tired of spending every third evening wringing out a hot bag of soy pulp over a glass measuring cup, so I started to look for a way out of the situation.

Being me I always try to get something for nothing, or at least for as little as possible. Once I discovered that soy milk machines existed (who knew?), I started to look for A Deal. I didn’t want to pay $120+ for something that might not work or might not make milk that I liked. Frankly I just didn’t want to pay $120+ at all.

Eventually I did find one (the Soy Sensation) going for the unbelievable price of $40, because it was discontinued. So no guarantee, no warranty, no replacement parts – but $40!

I bought it, and predictably it broke after three months (the heating element broke, rendering it useless), so I ended up spending the $120+ on a new, warranteed Soyabella (buy it here from Amazon), thus spending $40+ shipping more than I had to, but oh well.

Anyway, long story short, since I have now owned 2 soy milk machines I can do a comparative review. Which is better, the Soy Sensation or the Soyabella?

Verdict: Both make perfectly adequate soy milk, so it’s kind of up to you as to which features you want.

The Soy Sensation can only do one thing, and that’s make soy milk. It makes about 8 cups of soy milk from about 1/2 cup of soy beans. The milk is, as stated above, perfectly adequate.

Drawbacks: kind of big for a single-use appliance, tricky to clean, broke after 3 months.

The Soyabella makes soy milk OR raw nut milks OR rice paste (whatever you use that for) OR it can grind coffee. It comes with multiple little filter and grinder cups just for this purpose. I haven’t tried the nut milk setting yet, so I don’t know how it well it works, but I imagine just fine. The soy milk setting gives you about 6 cups of soy milk from about 1/2 cup of soy beans. The milk is also perfectly adequate.

Both produce as a by-product a very fine cooked okara, which you can use to make semi-edible chicken nugget substitutes or just throw away.

Drawbacks: Finished product still has about 1 tbsp okara in it, so it needs to be filtered before sweetening etc, makes less milk/bean than the Soy Sensation.

Overall I’d say I prefer the Soyabella as it hasn’t broken yet and is cleverly designed. The filter cups have a handle at the bottom that fits into a groove in the “utility cup” that comes with it (I’m not describing this well, sorry). You can stand the filter cup in the utility cup, soak the beans in it, then just take the filter cup out, rinse, and fit it onto the grinder head of the machine. You can also stand the grinder head with filter cup attached in the utility cup after the milk is done, allowing it to cool and the okara to drain. It’s also smaller, which is a big selling point here. And it came with a little tofu press, which is cool.



I promise there will be no recipes in this! If you want to cook something awesome buy Vegan Eats World by Terry Hope Romero. I’ve been really enjoying it.

So I’m breaking my blogging silence to complain about Doctor Who. If you don’t care about Doctor Who? Go, you are dead to me. No, really, you might not care, so just warning you this will be really boring for you. Also full of spoilers.

So after Karen Gillan and whatever his name was escaped from this trainwreck, the writers brought Clara from Assylum of the Daleks back. Only now she was a plucky Victorian governess. HUH? A selection of my reaction tweets:






Anyway. You get the picture. Clara is not only kind of annoying, but not actually a character. But I kept watching, because I have a major soft spot for this show and you have to have something to look forward to in life. I even LEGALLY BOUGHT IT in Itunes (which is a whole other rant I could go on, but not this time) to support the show.

And after 6 episodes of Clara being annoying and not having a character to develop, the season finale aired last Saturday. In which (major spoiler alert!) Clara is revealed to exist MERELY TO SAVE THE DOCTOR.

It’s like the writers looked at my tweets, said “Ha, you thought she had no inner life and seemed to only exist for the Doctor? Fooled you, I meant to do that!”

How is this not the most sexist thing ever?

Stephen Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who, has responded to critics calling him sexist by saying:

I AM sexist: women are cleverer, nicer, kinder and better at stuff. Don’t let on or they’ll keep us in fields. FIELDS!!!

(Source: here.)

Uh…benevolent sexism is still sexism. Glad to know he’s not an old-fashioned woman-hater like some people I could name (but won’t, because I don’t want an influx of rabid MRAs calling me names), but putting women on a pedestal is still inferior to treating them like human beings.

I got into watching Doctor Who with the new series. I’ve since watched (most) of the old series, and while the Doctor’s relationship with his female companions is never one of equality* – except maybe with Romana? – even the worst of these characters have stories, needs, desires, and personalities. Clara…doesn’t. And turning it around to make her actually being a creepy middle-aged dude’s perception of a hot 20-something the climax of the season is…not cool.

I am going to keep watching, because I believe the show can come back from this – just like it came back from the 6th Doctor being a giant asshole and the writing being wildly uneven in the 7th Doctor’s last season – but I am seriously disappointed. I hope Moffat moves on to something else, or just sticks to Sherlock (an almost entirely male cast means all the characters get to be real people!) and someone who’s capable of putting themselves in the shoes of a woman takes over.

*At best he’s a friendly mentor, as the 4th Doctor is with Sarah Jane; at worst he’s emotionally abusive, as the 6th Doctor is with Peri.

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