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So even though I missed a few days, my self-imposed challenge to blog every day for two weeks has been a success – between Sept. 16 and Sept. 30 I posted 14 times.

Best day for traffic was Sept. 21, when I published The View From the Council Chamber. New readers, however, soon realized that they could expect little in the way of political commentary and a lot in the way of knitting, dogs, self-centred musings about pregnancy, and other things of interest mainly to me and me alone, and so did not stick around.

Anyway, I fully intended to post yesterday and the day before, but Friday I was engaged on Important Adult Business and forgot, and yesterday I came rather dramatically down with a cold. Seriously, I was feverish, dizzy, seeing starbursts, and generally feeling very ill. If I had posted yesterday I imagine it would have been very Lovecraft-y and incoherent. Fortunately I followed my midwife’s advice – “If you feel unwell, see if it goes away after food, water, and rest; if not, call me” – and am much better. I still feel very scattered, though, as some siding for the refinished back room arrived and is currently taking up half the living room, and that plus two days of neglect have caused a sort of clutter explosion that I’m not up to dealing with yet. I find myself making detailed plans out loud about very basic things – “OK, I’ll put the sheets in the wash now and take them to the laundry to dry when the stock pot is on for dinner” – confusing Madeline a good deal.

But on the positive, my replacement DealExtreme tablet arrived on Friday, so at least I’ve been able to make snide blog comments while lying in bed with a fever.


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So on Friday night I had another gig at Alliance Francaise.

Unlike the one before, where I only sang for about 10 minutes, this was really a chamber recital of 50 minutes of music for soprano, viola, cello, and accordion. Did I mention it was much more difficult? And we only had one rehearsal plus an hour and half before the show?

Anyway, we did a great job, even if I did keep running out of breath in the last number (I was so relieved that the second last number went well that I think I forgot to breathe). The lyrics for the second set of songs were all poems by children in either the Alliance Francaise French programs or the Toronto French school system, and a number of the CUTEST POETS EVER were in the audience. You could tell which child’s poem it was because that’s when their parents picked up the camera and started taping. (We should really use a different verb for digitally recording video, since there’s no tape involved whatsoever.)

Anyway. I had all of Saturday off. I decided not to practice to rest my voice. So this is what I did:

– nothing
– watched “Inside Job”
– made bagels
– posted bagel recipe
– nothing
– finished a pair of slippers I was knitting
– cleaned the bathroom, as I am following this list
– answered 2 emails
– played “Plants vs Zombies” and beat it for a second time

And that was it. It was awesome.

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Madeline and Gus throw Ben a welcome home party. Or I wake Gus up at 10:30 to put a plastic lei on him and take his picture. I upload, you decide.

She looks like a stuffed animal!

Party time?

In other news…the conference yesterday was great.  I saw some excellent talks and presentations and did some quality schmoozing.  People really liked our show.  And Ben gets back tomorrow!  So I will blow up more balloons and tie them to the handlebars of his bicycle!  And clean up the house, of course.

Oh, and because I totally forgot in my bronchitic/Nyquil haze, here is a montage of my…

OK, now I’m going to bed.

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Ohmigod I’m tired.  Last night was my Bearded Lady Pub Crawl…I will post pictures of it later…and today was a full day of teaching.  Also I decided to paint the studio this weekend.  I wanted to fix up the house a bit while Ben’s away, and it looks very nice (I have to do a final coat on the trim tomorrow morning, then put the room back together in the afternoon), but yeah. Tired.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have basset pictures!

And a truly creepy picture of me with a mustache:

It’s funny. I think I’m pretty hot as a female.  But I would not be hot as a dude. That mustache attached to those pretty and regular features make me look a bit, I don’t know, molesty.

Anyway.  More mustache and basset pictures tomorrow.

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Ben’s away for the weekend playing with Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People. Yes, I know, he’s out having fun with other bands and I’m stuck at home. In the 36 hours that I’ve been alone I’ve used two main strategies to console myself:

Yesterday – Be a social butterfly. I had no less than three social engagements yesterday. Actually, I had four…one of which I had to miss and felt like a massive jerk about. But. I had coffee with a friend in the afternoon, then worked door for The McFlies at Lula Lounge (not a strictly social engagement because I got paid, but you know) then went to a party mostly full of people I’ve only just gotten to know and all of whom were really drunk. Fun times. In fact, I had so much fun that my left eye is really, really red today.*

Today – Be a hermit. I did invite someone over, but she had other plans, so I spent the day working on my big secret project, cleaning stuff, listening to P.G. Wodehouse audiobooks, and running mundane errands like buying plungers and walnuts. I have also been indulging in all those weird habits people who live alone have – lying in bed drinking beer at 7 in the evening, having ice cream for breakfast, and being really annoyed when you can’t use your hammock due to rain. At least that’s what I think single people do. I haven’t lived alone for about 7 years, and my recollections from that time are a bit hazy, so this might be an idiosyncratic impression.

*That’s mainly due to ragweed, but it’s always possible that I’m just allergic to fun.

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It’s about 3:30 in the morning as I write this, and I Puritani is over.

I wish I had some audio or video to post, but as this was an actual For Real production with union rules etc., I don’t.  You will just have to take my word for it that I was fantastic.*

As I’m very tired and want to get back to bed soon (I woke up a little while ago, still very tired but also very hungry, so I’ve just had some leftover Thai food) here is a brief list of what I’ve learned from this experience:

– I can actually really sing this stuff.

– I actually really LIKE singing this stuff.

– Little old ladies LOVE me.

– But not as much as they love tenors.

– You can, in fact, lose two nights of sleep because an entire opera is running through your head.

– But you can salvage the second one by taking Gravol at 3 AM.

– Arturo is much, much too nice to Elvira at the end.

– If in the course of a long aria/section/ensemble/whatever you don’t take deep enough breaths, or you take too many breaths and don’t let your lungs fully empty, you will feel quite dizzy at the end of it.

– I am apparently a very believable crazy person.

– Which is probably for the best, because if you’re playing a crazy person and you accidentally make yourself light-headed,  someone else will lead you off stage at the end just as part of the blocking, so you don’t have to worry about fainting.

Anyway.  This was fun.  I think I’ll do it again.

*And so was the rest of the cast.

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In this episode:
– There’s a weird kiosk that sells knock-off snuggies and blankets with Hannah Montana on them. No, really.
– A door is a very simple object. It either opens – or it doesn’t.
– There’s some mold growing on it, because IT’S A BATHROOM.
– The part of me that wants to be famous and successful and the part of me that actually wants to make music don’t have much to do with each other.
– You know what? I have no idea what these people want, and I’m just going to sing Caro Nome and, you know, actually enjoy actually making music. What a surprise.
– Nick and Nora: Just like Dashiell Hammet and Lillian Helman, except a comedy.

Me and Ben play Somewhere There (Leftover Daylight series) this Friday, Feb. 12.


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