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I posted this to the Evil Diva blog yesterday but thought I’d stick it up here. It’s a great documentary on H.P. Lovecraft that you can watch online:

Nothing I didn’t know already, but a nice sympathetic portrait of a talented and troubled dude. And good primer on his life and works if you don’t know anything about him and you’re planning on coming to a certain opera that a certain opera company will be producing next year.


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My friend and fellow Evil Diva Suzanne and I were hanging out on Sunday, doing some corporationy things and chatting politics.  We had a great idea for a video: Daleks doorknocking for Stephen Harper!

So I told Ben about it yesterday, and he made it.  Using a clip from the 2nd Doctor Who serial ever:

Remember, Canada – a vote for Harper is a vote for Davros!

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Seriously, Richard Nixon’s corpse would make a better mayor than this buffoon.

– Someone stole my credit card number! And bought gas!  The bank just called to ask, “Hey, did you buy gas this morning and yesterday?” I didn’t, because I don’t have a car.  Bastards.

– Sadly, Paul the Psychic Octopus is no more. May he predict more football winners in the great aquarium in the sky.

– I can’t get over this. ROB FORD IS MAYOR.

I keep telling myself that the damage he can do is limited, because the mayor is just one vote on council and everyone on council hates him, but it’s disheartening to know that at least a plurality of my fellow Torontonians think that I (a bike-riding vegetarian artist) am a parasite and a blot on the landscape.

Anyway. To cheer myself up I made a collage video of the Daily Basset pictures.

And Ben is home!  Yay!

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First, read this. Or watch this:

Post your best explanation in the comments here, or email it to kaythecomplainer@gmail.com.

Contest closes Feb. 13, and the winner will be announced Feb. 14. The prize is 1 (one) dirty postcard, hand-drawn by me. Look at this post if you want to see some examples of my artwork.

Good luck!

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My afternoon protesting with Canadians against Proroguing Parliament.

Going Prorogue

– Baby-strike lady
– The Raging Grannies
– Steve Paiken looking kind of creeped-out
– Democracy’s funeral
– Me running out of batteries, then talking about what happened after I ran out of batteries.

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As often happens at the new year, a few of my students have decided to either stop lessons or put them on hold for a while. Not a lot of them or anything, not enough to cause serious financial problems, but still a loss of ~ $100/week, which isn’t nothing. It’s bloody cold and I have to ride my bike today, Madeline threw up on a bunch of stuff last night, and I just tripped on the $O@#Y$_@%&*_$_% metal edge of one of the steps on the basement stairs (I do not know who thought putting slippery metal tips on a steep set of stairs was a good idea, but I would like to find out who it was and punch them) and raised a sort of goose egg on my shin. So I’m down a small but not insignificant part of my income, have a giant swollen bruise on my leg, and am facing a cold and windy bike ride and lots of laundry. But you know what?

I feel just fine. Because last night I watched One Touch of Venus. It’s all up on YouTube, starting here.

As extremely sexist movies from post-war America go, it’s delightful. I admit I only watched it because I wanted to hear someone other than me sing the “Like dachshunds abhor revolving doors/That’s how much I love you” song – and I was disappointed because it isn’t actually in the movie, only the stage musical version – but I really liked it. And Ava Gardner has the tiniest waist I’ve ever seen on an adult human being.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go and ice my leg.

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No, they’re not in moose antlers, but here are the dogs at the off-leash near my in-law’s place.  This is an absolutely giant fenced-in area where they do sheepdog trials in the summer.  Here’s Madeline, chasing a ball until she becomes a dot on the horizon:

And Gus, demonstrating his superior tracking skills:

And for good measure, my sister’s cat Carmine being non-plussed by my Hello Kitty slippers:

Yes, I buy an HD digital video camera, and use it to…take videos of my dogs.   What did you expect I was going to do?

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