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As you know, I have been tracking, in a mild way, the perpetual non-story that is David Duchovny.  I’m not a David Duchovny fan or anything (though I was a big X-Files fan about 14 years ago), but…well…scroll back through the blog and you’ll figure it out.

So this morning I turned on my computer, and what did I see in the RSS feed:


What, I wonder, is that celebrity-speak for?  Does it mean, “I think about sex too much and it’s destroying my life”, or “I act inappropriate flirtatiously with other women and my wife doesn’t like it” or “I fool around sometimes and it’s destroying my marriage”?

Personally I think it means “A hidden camera took pictures of me in bed with four hookers and I’m being blackmailed”.  Good idea to kill the story by outing yourself first.

Poor David Duchovny, I should stop making fun of you.  I am ashamed to admit that I almost fell off my chair laughing at you.

Anyway, my own life continues.  Show tomorrow!  Road trip Sunday!  Birthday presents!  Another year staring me in the face!  More work-related insanity!

In other news, it’s Three Day Novel weekend.  I will not be participating.

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