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Hi, I don’t have anything in particular to say. Just that I am awesome and have done practically everything on my to-do list and it’s only 2:30!

My recipe for success:
– Get up at 6 with your baby
– Do the stuff you can do while he’s awake while he’s awake
– Take a nap
– Take him to the drop-in centre (if you don’t have a baby, these are government-funded centres where you can take your baby to play and interact with other babies; sort of like the off-leash dog park, but for babies) and tire him out
– During the long nap which follows, do everything else


For various reasons this is what Cecil sleeps in now

For various reasons this is what Cecil sleeps in now

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I am visiting my parents for Canadian Thanksgiving, and thus not likely to write much for the next few days. So go check out Kitchen Operas, a blog run by Lindsay, a fellow singer and a very good cook. She’s posted some great vegan recipes this month, including some vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

Also here is a picture of me taken from the side, so you can see how enormous I’ve gotten.

I swear I've only gained, like, 12-13 pounds.

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For a brief period in, I think, Grade 4, I was made fun of by my peers for having a big nose. I don’t recall it bothering me too much, because even then I had to admit that my nose was on the large side.

Fortunately I grew into it, and my nose is now a proportional part of my strong, handsome features. What can I say, I come from a long line of rather enormous schnozzes.

And it looks like I’ve passed it on to my offspring:

Yes, this was just an excuse to post another ultrasound

In case you were wondering, at other angles the ultrasound did show legs and arms. Also the sonographer kept trying to get the baby to turn over by poking me, but it was apparently napping and refused until I rolled over a few times. Let’s hope this predicts that it will be a good sleeper.

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The pack

From Knit your own Dog:

Basset Hound, Corgi, Scottish Terrier, Pug, Dachshund

The legs on the pug turned out very floppy – if I were making him to stand up, I’d stick pipe cleaners in the legs. Since I made these for a mobile for the baby I’m leaving it like it is.

When I construct the mobile I will most certainly post pictures of it.

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I put up about 150 last week and got one new student, which is an excellent ratio. I was planning on doing the same this week, but:


You know, weather gods, if I had wanted to live in Vancouver or Scotland, I would have moved there. Sheesh.

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We’ve been on a clean living and cleanliness kick lately, so this morning I made the bed right after getting up.

I know what you’re thinking, smug clean-freak people – “Why is that unusual? I do that every morning, right before I exercise for 30 minutes and sweep my already spotless floor!”  Well, lah-di-dah. It’s like flossing – I go through phases. Sometimes I do it every day when it’s my turn, sometimes I don’t.

Anyway, the dogs like to sleep in the bed during the day, especially when it’s cold and rainy.  Normally they burrow under the covers and make a little nest.  Madeline does this even when the bed is made, much to my annoyance.  Gus has never quite figured that one out.

So this is what he did this morning:

In case you can’t tell because of the matching duvet cover and pillow shams, he has burrowed under…a pillow.


I’m kind of impressed by his problem-solving skills.  Clearly his thought process went something like:

– I want to get under the covers.
– I can’t get under the covers.
– Maybe I can get under this thing.

I’m also impressed that he got under the pillow without flipping it over and losing his little nest.

"Will you please turn off the light and let me get some sleep?"

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Back in…January? November?…Sometime before now, I posted my basic bagel recipe. To my surprise, Wendy Matheson of Herding Cats in Hammond River made them and liked them!

So for Wendy and other vegan bagel enthusiasts, I give you another bagel recipe: Hound Rounds.


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